Miui 10 vs ColorOS 6 Full Comparison

colorOS 6 vs miui 10
colorOS 6 vs miui 10

Miui 10 vs ColorOS 6 Full Comparison

Hello Friends, I can’t right post because of coming exams so sorry for this. In this Post we compare two OS Miui 10 vs ColorOs 6. We discuss many point of this both OS and we decide which is best OS.

This post we devide in some parts for better understanding and we get clear winner. we can see colorOS in Oppo and Realme brand smartphone and MIUI in Xiaomi’s smartphone.

colorOS 6
colorOS 6
miui 10
miui 10


This is the important part of OS. Performance is mainly based on processor but OS is the part of Performance. MIUI 10 is faster rom and performance is good we can’t see any legs, colorOS is fast but not fast as MIUI 10. Because colorOS 6 have many legs.

So in the part of performance MIUI 10 is clear winner. Let’s we move on the next part.

USer Interface:-

Both OS is best in your daily life usage. Because both OS is comfortable for work, games etc. This both OS are Highly optimized. Main Down side of MIUI 10 is ads. We see many ads in MIUI 10. We can turn off this ads but this is the down side of MUI 10.

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Let’s we compare both old OS MIUI 9 vs ColorOS 5. There is clear winner is MIUI 9 because the colorOS 5 have many legs and problems and colorOS 5 is not opitimized. for MIUI 9 is optimized and faster than colorOS 5.

Let’s we see upgrade of ColorOS 5 to colorOS 6. main differance is UI. Full UI changed in colorOS 6 as compare to colorOS 5. We get new user interface in colorOS 6. Oppo improved colorOS 6 and fix legs and problems of colorOS.

Where MIUI 9 to MIUI 10 Xiaomi change UI. I am surprice with this OS, because this is new style of OS. There is no Bugs no legs. MIUI 9 is already optimized but MIUI 10 is more optimized.


This both OS has lots of features because this both are custom OS. Both have dual app features we can use Dual app like whatsApp, Facebook but MIUI 10 have advantage we can make dual app of any app where colorOS have only Social media app can dual. Secound advantage od MIUI 10 is we use second space but colorOS has no option for Dual space.

This both OS is come with enabled camera2API in some smartphones. Both OS has app lock. Both OS has face unlock option but MIUI 10 is fast in face unlock. So fetaure is best is both OS.


This is last part of Our Miui 10 vs ColorOS 6 Full Comparison. Updates is very important for any smartphone. So which company provide fast updates? Oppo and Realme Provide updates but thay take some times means we see late updates in Oppo and Realme device.

Xiaomi has same condition as Oppo and Realme. Xiaomi provide updates but late in old Phones, but in newly smartphonethay give updates time to time. Xiaomi’s 3 year old Phone running on the MIUI 10. So big thanks to Xiaomi for Updates in old. In Oppo don’t give update in old smartphone.

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Which is best OS? this is your question right i know. There is no clear winner because some point are good in MIUI and some in colorOS. As per my usage of this both OS i think MIUI 10 is batter than ColorOS.

We all know ads problems in MIUI 10. we can turn off this ads. How to turn off this ads search in Google you get the solution. ColorOS is not bad this is the good choice. I hope you like Miui 10 vs ColorOS 6 Full Comparison. If you have any questions than comment below.


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