how to increase upload speed in mobile

how to increase upload speed
how to increase upload speed

how to increase upload speed in mobile

Hello friends, welcom in another post. In this post i give you some tips and tricks for increase the download and upload speed. Mainly this speed is base on the processor spport and rom.

Some user demand for increase the upload speed and also download speed. some tricks are available for increase this speed. But again this is not mainly affect on the increase upload speed.

before we start the post i like to say you. If you like to know your mobile and PC or laptop download and upload speed than you can check on given website. This website name is speed test ookla.

Speedtest by Ookla :

speed test by ookla
speed test by ookla

1. Processor Support

Our first option is processor support. The processor is use in our smartphone many brand make smartphone processors like samsung, qualcomm, Honor, mediaTek etc.

This processor support different LTE modem. Your question is what is LTE modem? right. I explain this in simple language the LTE is part of the processor and our download and upload speed is based on the LTE modem.

There are diffrent type of LTE modem. The diffrent Processor support diffrent LTE modem. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 have X12 LTE modem and it’s download speed is 600 mbps and upload speed 150 mbps. Another example of Qualcomm Snapgragon 710 have X15 LTE modem and it’s download and upload speed is 800 mbps and 150 mbps.

I hope you understand Processor is main part of download and upload speed. Let we discuss more point about it.

2. System UI

This is another and also main part of related internet speed. You think how to effect system UI? right. So we choose the example of Processor Qulalcomm Snapdragon 675. This processor Support 600 mbps download speed and 150 mbps upload speed.

The devlopers of OS is main part. How to optimize maximum OS for increase speed. Processor is capable but if the system UI is not optimized than we can’t get high speed internet. So Sysytem UI is must be Optimized.

This both is the major problems of Smartphone. Now we see some internal problem and see how to fix it.

3. Network Problem

how to increase download speed
how to increase download speed

The network problem is most commonly problem for users. This problem facing many users. Some place have not proper internet connection than thay can’t get high speed internet.

So in our setting of smartphone and go in mobile network than choose the SIM for dual sim users. After than click on access point names you see many access points and choose diffrent point and check speed.

Next is same go in setting than mobile network than choose sim for dual sim users and go in mobile network and turn off automatic select network than your phone start to searching the network.

After than it shows some network and select your sim network. If you are user of vodafone than select vodafone 3G, 4G as per your requirement. Some place have no 4G than thay select 3G.

If you done all processor given above and your speed not increase than contact your Sim customer care and explain your problems.

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4. Other Problems

how to increase upload speed
how to increase upload speed

Now we discuss some other problems thay are minor problems. First is check you softwear update if update is available than update your smartphone.

second for PC user update the network drivers and reset your DNS network. third is reboot your device or on and off your flight mode.

one main information for my daily visitor who are facing internet speed problem. I like to say you do not download any browser, downloader, network speed booster for our smartphone this is not impact on our download and upload speed.


conclusion is not any app can improve your download upload speed it is base on your smartphone, processor and system UI.This is the tips for increase upload speed and download speed. You try all given tips and after trying you are facing problems than comment below.


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